Our Story

DrishtiYoga came to be in 2016.  I finished my Yoga Teacher Training program and thought "who's going to hire me, a not so flexible, not so skinny and definitely not so young woman."  I came to yoga to heal my beat up, and what felt like then, ancient body.   I realized then I needed to start my own business and I focused on my target demographic: people like me.

I chose the name DrishtiYoga because the loose translation of the Sanskrit word drishti is inner focus.  It took not only a lot of drishti, but also the support of some very special people to help me make it through my yoga teacher training.

After a name search, business application and insurance, I set out by offering a few free workshops. 

 My focus is on people who say "I can't do yoga"

DrishtiYoga is growing, my class size is limited to 10 people and I supply all props.

I bring my passion for yoga to all my classes. I want people to embrace their bodies.  Our bodies have carried us far in our lives, we have been bumped and bruised, broken and beat up, not only from day to day life, but through injuries, hard work, illnesses and accidents. 

Every scar, every wrinkle  is "the story of you".  We are still here...let's embrace our bodies

About me

I started my true yoga journey after an injury sidelined my career and I used yoga as a way to heal myself.  When I realized what a difference yoga was making in my life, I knew I could help others overcome not only the physical challenges, but also the emotional challenges that we can face as we age.

I share my passion for yoga with everyone that steps into one of my classes.  By keeping my classes small, I am able to offer my groups a sense of safety and intimacy.  I find that I can gently coax people to take baby steps outside their comfort zone, help them to make peace with who they are, inspire them to look for the passion in their lives.  I encourage my students to use props to not only explore and understand, but also to embrace their body.

My style of teaching is gentle and positive.

I am currently enrolled at Ajna Yoga in their

Certified Yoga Therapist program.

Feel Good Yoga & Pilates

Langford, BC

Yoga Teacher Training

Pilates Teacher Training

Semperviva Yoga Centre

Vancouver, BC

Chair Yoga Teacher Training

Semperviva Yoga Centre

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Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Brookline, MA

(satellite location

 Hemma Yoga, Victoria, BC)

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training

Applied Somatics

Duncan, BC

Somatic Yoga Level One Teacher Training

Ajna Yoga

Oak Bay, BC

Therapeutic Yoga for Knees & Hips

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Ajna Yoga

Oak Bay, BC

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Reiki Energy School

Victoria, BC

Usui Reiki  Level One

Usui Reiki Level Two

Ajna Yoga 

Oak Bay, BC

Therapeutic Yoga for

 Shoulders & Wrists

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