What is Yoga Therapy​?

Yoga Therapy is a holistic, complimentary healing

modality that uses evidence based principles & practices

of Yoga to support well-being.

A Yoga Therapist is trained to work with clients who 

experience injury, chronic pain, illness, and mental health issues.

Yoga Therapy Session

Personal assessment and practice tailored to the individual needs and goals of client.  Together we work on restoring the body's balance, reducing stress and supporting healthy a healthy lifestyle.  Whether there is a physical cure or not, we learn to hold space and connect with our inner wisdom, and acceptance.  Practice always works at the pace of client.

Practice may incorporate meditation, pranayama and asana practice.

Group Therapy Sessions

Participants often share same kind health issues and/or injuries.  Small class size allows for some personal attention and modifications.  Classes are usually run in 6 - 8 week series with a specific  focus 

example: pelvic floor work, backcare etc.

Pace of class is slow and relaxing. The shared common experience can lead to a sense of intimacy and safety within the group.

I am currently offering introductory private 

Yoga Therapy sessions

1st session 90 minutes

with four 30 minute follow up sessions

& customized easy to follow at home practice.

$125.00 for the package  


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